Richard McCready articles

January 2015

Richard McCready : Harris Academy and Menzieshill High School Closure Consultation

Richard McCready : Dundee SNP – Still the Blacklister’s Friend


Richard McCready : V&A : Way Forward Agreed


Richard McCready : Disappointed at lack of progress battling poverty

Richard McCready  - Astonished at V & A cost increase

Richard  McCready  : Camperdown House - Priority or not?


Richard McCready : Budget Cuts - Consult the Public


Richard McCready :Action still needed on air quality


Richard McCready : Update on recycling changes


December 2014

Jenny Marra : NHS in Scotland under extreme pressure

Jenny Marra : Mental Health (speech in the Scottish Parliament )

Jenny Marra : New Psychoactive Substances Needs Assessment for Tayside, 2014

Jenny Marra : Cancer waiting times are totally unacceptable for too many people



November 2014

Richard McCready : It's Not Fine - Unfair Charges for parking on Private Land

October 2014

Richard McCready : Discovery Centre

September 2014

Richard McCready : Camperdown House

Richard McCready : Mills Observatory

July 2014

Richard McCready : Action needed on Toxic Streets

Richard McCready : Nelson Mandela International Day

June 2014

Richard McCready : Development Management Committee

Richard McCready : Sheltered Housing Review

Richard McCready : West End Community Council - Fortnightly Bin Collections

Richard McCready : WestFest organisers deserve praise

April 2014

Richard McCready : Fortnightly Bin collections

Richard McCready :Stronger Action Against Blacklisting

Richard McCready : Perth Road RBS - Council Speaks Out Against Closure  

Richard McCready : Fortnightly Bin Collections - What Happened to the Consultation?

March 2014

Richard McCready : Delighted Biomass Plant Binned

Richard McCready : Responsible Dog Ownership in Scotland

Richard McCready : Community Spirit Action group

Richard McCready : Fairtrade Fortnight

February 2014

Richard McCready : Thermal Imaging in the West End

Richard McCready : West End Community Council

Richard McCready : Control of Dogs in Parks, Cemeteries and Open Spaces

Richard McCready : Sport Dundee Committee

Richard McCready : Conference Costing at least £699 - Value for Money ?

Richard McCready : Community Spirit Action Group

January 2014

Richard McCready : Biomass Plant – Time for Clarity

Richard McCready : Muslim Cemetery

Richard McCready : Hogmanay in Dundee

Richard McCready : Council Fire and Police Meeting  

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Development Management Committee Meeting


Richard McCready : West End Community Council meeting


Richard McCready : City Council Meeting 13 January 2014


December 2013

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Environment Issues

Richard McCready : World AIDS Day

November 2013

Richard McCready : Action needed on Pay Day Lenders and the cost of living crisis

Richard McCready : Dundee’s Bid to become UK City of Culture 2017

Richard McCready : Call for Special Commission to Mark UK City of Culture Year

Richard McCready : City Council Meetings

October 2013

Richard McCready : Development Management Committee

September 2013

Richard McCready : Listening to the views of local people in the West End

August 2013

Richard McCready : Seamus Heaney RIP

Richard McCready : Update on Harris Academy

Richard McCready :Harris Academy

Richard McCready : Recyling Policy Binned

Richard McCready : Police, Fire and Community Safety

Richard McCready : West End Local Community Planning Partnership

Richard McCready : Development Management Committee

Richard McCready : Blacklisting Meeting

Richard McCready : What Would You Love To See in Dundee in 2017

Richard McCready : Remembering Hiroshima - Never Let it happen again

Richard McCready : Call for Council Action on Blacklisting

July 2013

Richard McCready : Graffiti Damage in the West End

June 2013

Richard McCready : Austerity Uncovered

Richard McCready : Dundee Biomass - speech in the council debate

Richard McCready : Supporting the IF Campaign

Dundee UK City of Culture 2017 Bid

Richard McCready

Richard McCready  : Domestic Waste Collection Strategy

Richard McCready : Dundee Economic Summit

Richard McCready : Walking the Breadline - The Scandal of Food Poverty in 21st Century Britain

Richard McCready : Dundee Rep Board meeting and Kora

April 2013

Richard McCready : Concern over services - Support for Royal Mail

Richard McCready : Need for Action on Blacklisting

Richard McCready : Biomass Plant : Robust Scrutiny is Required

March 2013

Richard McCready : Curriculum for Excellence

Richard McCready : Remploy Action Group Disappointment

Richard McCready : Earth Hour

Richard McCready : No place for Loan Sharks

Richard McCready : Consultation on Bin Proposals Needed

Laurie Bidwell and Lesley Brennan : Flatlining EMAs and Reductions in College Budgets Bad News for Our Young People


Richard McCready : What a Welcome to Dundee !

Richard McCready : Buried Ninewells Report published

Dundee City Council Budget and its Double Standards

February 2013

Jim  McGovern presses Ministry of Defence over Remploy support

Marlyn Glen : Women Wanting to Work, Waiting for Work

Jenny Marra : SNP Presiding over Cover-Up Culture at Ninewells Hospital

Kevin Keenan : Dundee Unemployment rises ; jobseekers allowance rate the highest of the Scottish cities

Lesley Brennan : The End Child Poverty campaign

Laurie Bidwell : Education Department Got Their Sums Wrong

Lesley Brennan : The Bedroom Tax - Working Together Against it

Kevin Keenan : Kemback Street - Another Fine Mess

Jim McGovern calls for Dundee Waterfront Development meeting on use of local labour

Lesley Brennan : The Bedroom Tax

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Budget Set

Lesley Brennan : The Impact of the SNP's Budget Cuts in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee School Leavers' Destinations

Lesley Brennan : Dundee's Disposable Household Income

Jenny Marra MSP : Kemback Street families to get their day in court

Kevin Keenan : Council Budget - The Labour Group's alternative savings

Jim McGovern writes to Minister on Remploy bid

Jim McGovern saddened by Pope's resignation

Jenny Marra : Arab Trust backing for National Football Academy bid

Richard McCready : Protect the Vulnerable

Richard McCready : Action Needed Against Blacklisting

Laurie Bidwell : New Schools Consultation : Have Your Say

Jim McGovern calls for urgent action for Dundee Remploy

Lesley Brennan : The Cost of a Disease - Diabetes

Marlyn Glen : Borgen and Scottish Politics

Jenny Marra : Speech on Human Rights

January 2013

Kevin Keenan : Kemback Street Report Findings Must Be on the Council's Agenda for Discussion

Laurie Bidwell : Little Change in  Numbers of University Applicants from Scotland 

Richard McCready : Changing for the Future Board  - Amazing Scenes at Meeting

Jenny Marra : Transport Minister is challenged to experience the "Tay Tax"

Jenny Marra is backing student campaign to reverse college cuts

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee's unemployment rate is now over 10 per cent

Marlyn Glen : Why we need more women in politics

Jim McGovern calls for urgent meeting over Dundee Airport passenger numbers

Jim McGovern raises concerns in the Commons over SNP Regiment promises

Laurie Bidwell : Grove, Harris, Morgan, Menzieshill and St John's will have larger classes in English and Maths in S1-S2 from August

Georgia Cruickshank : Maryfield Residents Needs a More Effective and Coordinated Response to Prostitution

Laurie Bidwell : The SNP's broken promises on primary class sizes in Dundee

Richard McCready : Dundee Rail Station

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : New Report on Dundee's Prospects for Economic Growth

Laurie Bidwell : Call for Clarity About Which Secondary Schools Will Have Larger English and Maths Classes in S1/2 

Jenny Marra : Scottish Parliament Motion : Mental Health Services for Deaf Children and Young People

Richard McCready : Time To End The Secretive Sham That Is The Changing For The Future Board

Jenny Marra  : Support for CWU campaign "Close The Loophole"

Kevin Keenan :  Dundee Council Tax 

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Education Cuts in Dundee Reveal Shocking Abandonment of Class Size Reductions in Primary and Secondary Schools

Marlyn Glen : Downton Abbey : A Reminder of the Rate of Progress of Women

Laurie Bidwell : Welfare Rights and Wrongs  for Older People in Dundee

Jim McGovern describes Scotland Office meeting as ‘informative and productive’

Richard McCready : Greater Regulation of Buses 

Jim McGovern raised Dundee Work Programme concerns

Lesley Brennan : Austerity : Paying the price for the mistaken assumptions of others

Marlyn Glen : 4 year real terms Fall in Dundee Women's earnings

Jenny Marra : The Tay Tax is a disgrace

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Unemployment in Dundee construction sector

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee's unemployment rate stands at 10 per cent

December 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Exam Results 22 December 2012

Marlyn Glen : Borgen : The precarious political work-family balance 21 December 2012

Jenny Marra : Commonwealth Games 2014 -Scottish Parliament speech

Jim McGovern "disappointed" by Scottish Government Remploy announcement

Laurie Bidwell : Call for action on sale of ex-Eastern Primary School

Richard McCready : Shelter's Letter to Santa

Lesley Brennan : Dundee as a "creative city"

Marlyn Glen : George Osborne's Autumn Statement : No season of mists and mellow fruitfulness for women

Kevin Keenan : Statement on Olympia pool delay

Jenny Marra challenges Dundee SNP over shovel-ready projects

Kevin Keenan : A Tale of Two Cities - Dundee October 1966 and Dundee 2012

Marlyn Glen : Counting the Cost of the lack of Affordable Childcare

Lesley Brennan : Why the number of nurses matters

Jenny Marra : Policing

Jim McGovern slams UK Government over Remploy "betrayal"

Jim McGovern condemns Autumn Statement as " an admission of failure"


November 2012

Dundee Labour back Dundee’s bid for UK City of Culture status

Laurie Bidwell : 10.5 per cent Fall in University Applications from Scottish Applicants

Richard McCready : Legal Loan Sharks - Dundee City Council Action

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Councillors Halved the Representation of Parents in the Planning of New City Schools

Kevin Keenan : Lower wages are bad for the Dundee economy

Lesley Brennan : Gender Pay Differences in Dundee - and Beyond

Jim McGovern  raises value of UK armed forces to the Scottish economy

Richard McCready : Making Dundee the UK City of Culture in 2017

Lesley Brennan : Concern over supply of midwives as "retirement bulge" looms

Marlyn Glen  : The calls for a Fairer Scotland

Richard McCready : Progress on the Living Wage - could go further 

Jim McGovern calls for action over Dundee Job Losses

Jim McGovern raises Dundee Royal Marine Reserves in Commons

Jim McGovern welcomes nomination for political award

Laurie Bidwell and Georgia Cruickshank : Superstorm Sandy and Coastal Flooding Risks in Dundee

October 2012

Lesley Brennan : Speech opposing closure of Kemback Street Day Centre

Richard McCready : Speech opposing closure of Kemback Street Day Centre

Laurie Bidwell : Speech opposing closure of Kemback Street Day Centre

Jim McGovern condemns Kemback Street Day Centre Closure Decision

Marlyn Glen : Funding Our Future Services

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on £18 million Cuts in Council Budget Over the Next 2 Years  

Jim McGovern disappointed by Loganair Dundee airport announcement

Jenny Marra speech : Scottish Civil Justice Council and Criminal Legal Assistance Bill Stage 1

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Development Management Committee meeting

Jenny Marra speech : Role of the media in criminal trials

Marlyn Glen : Women and 2020

Laurie  Bidwell : Fair Fares Please for Broughty Ferry Trains

Richard McCready : Pleased that council agrees to Games Tax Relief consultation

Jenny Marra MSP launches Switches Together campaign

Kevin Keenan and Laurie Bidwell : What Next for Sidlaw View Primary School and Jessie Porter Nursery School?

Jim McGovern welcomes "inspirational" Ed Miliband speech

Richard McCready : Council should be heard being in support of games industry


September 2012

Richard McCready : Crisis in Education and a Star Chamber

Laurie Bidwell and Kevin Keenan : Welcome for Future Funding for Rebuilding Baldragon Academy

Jim McGovern supports Secretary of State’s comments on video games industry

Jenny Marra : Community Sport Inquiry

Marlyn Glen : The American Election and the Republicans' War on Women (part 2)

Kevin Keenan : Dundee has the lowest percentage of full-time employment jobs in mainland Scotland

Richard McCready : V and A Planning Application Approved

Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of Places at Dundee College

Kevin Keenan - Dundee remains the Scottish city with the highest rate of unemployment

Laurie Bidwell : Integration of Adult Health and Community Care - Dundee City Council's Response to Scottish Government 

Marlyn Glen : The American Election and the Republicans' War on Women

Jenny Marra : “Medieval” shake up of Scottish Legal Aid System

Richard McCready : Well Done, Andy - Now Invest in Sport

Jim McGovern criticises government inaction on jobs as Dundee unemployment increases

Jenny Marra : It's time to ask the Sports Minister to bring the National Football Academy to Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Austerity threatens to reverse prgoress towards gender equality for women

Jenny Marra Calls for Scrapping of Scottish Government Report that Suggests Scottish Computer Games Industry Does Not Exist

Jim McGovern and Kevin Keenan Welcome New Procurement Approach from the Council But Argue for Improvements

Jenny Marra supports Kemback Day Centre Day of Action

Richard McCready : Council should listen to Liz McColgan

Richard McCready : Kemback Street Day Centre

Richard McCready : It Shouldn't Happen Here

Richard McCready : Dundee Together

August 2012

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council and DERL - No Redundancy Policy ?

Richard McCready : Five Point Plan for Dundee Jobs

Richard McCready : City Council and Committee meetings

Richard McCready : Inspire a Generation - Build on Olympic Success

Richard McCready : Hiroshima Anniversary

June 2012

Richard McCready : Dundee Should Apply to be UK City of Culture in 2017

Richard McCready : Scrutiny Committee

Richard McCready : Employment Rights Stop Employment Wrongs

May 2012

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Statutory Meeting

April 2012

Richard McCready : Dundee delight as SNP forced to abandon city train proposal

March 2012

Richard McCready : A listening council - they don't even listen to their own ministers


Richard McCready : Procurement matters – or how councils can make a difference

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council adopts the Living Wage

Richard McCready : Address to the Scottish Labour Party conference in Dundee

February 2012

Councillor Richard McCready : Dundee City Council meetings

Councillor Richard McCready : Updating Dundee City Council's policy on Fairtrade Policy

Councillor Richard McCready : Audit Scotland Report on Tayside Fire and Rescue

January 2012

Councillor Richard McCready : City Council Meeting

October 2011

Richard McCready : St. John's Bus Issue  - Meet the Parents!

Richard McCready : Concern at Ninewells Car Parking Charge  Increase

September 2011