Laurie Bidwell news articles

January 2015

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on the Strength of Opposition to the Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School


Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on Free School Meals Provision for P1-3 Pupils in Dundee Schools


Laurie Bidwell : Plea for More Clarity  in Council's Consultation on School Closures Mergers and Changes to Catchment Areas

Laurie Bidwell : Better Budget Management by SNP Government Ministers Could Have Avoided Cuts in Schools Last Year

December 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Named the First UK City of Design by UNESCO

Laurie Bidwell : The Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School : Speech at Education Committee

November 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Grove Academy 17th in Sunday Times Top 50 State Secondary Schools in Scotland 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on the Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School

Laurie Bidwell : "Alarming" Education Cuts

Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of Supply Teachers in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Cedar Road and Forthill Road Flooding

October 2014

Laurie Bidwell :Broughty Ferry lifeboat : new website

August 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Congratulations to Dundee Pupils in Their Exam results

July 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Stop and Search Statistics Indicate a Worrying Change in Policing on Our Streets

Lesley Brennan and Laurie Bidwell : Councillors look forward to their "dot Scot" website addresses

June 2014

Laurie Bidwell : DUNCAN anti-crime network difficulties  


May 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry Beach Awarded Prestigious Resort Flag 2014 by Keep Scotland Beautiful

Laurie Bidwell : Sewer Leak on Stony Beach in The Ferry to be Repaired Permanently and Beach Reinstated

April 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Need for Additional Report Before Approving Nearly £0.5m on Nursery Places for Under 3s

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry Beach Recommended Again by the Marine Conservation Society

Laurie Bidwell : Call for Broughty Ferry Station to be Upgraded 

Laurie Bidwell : Health and Safety of Dundee School Buildings

March 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Visiting Harris Academy for a photo opportunity - Commenting on Ministerial Visit to New Harris Academy Building Site

Laurie Bidwell : Meeting with Scottish Water

Laurie Bidwell : Free Dundee App for Tourists and Residents - Simply Indispensable

Laurie Bidwell : Increase in Reserved Places in Broughty Ferry Schools for 2014-15

February 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Labour Budget Proposal Can Retain the Early Years Practitioners Based in 22 of Our Primary Schools

Laurie Bidwell : International Safer Internet Day 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Grove Academy Prominent in Sunday Times Top 50 State Secondary Schools in Scotland

Laurie Bidwell : Revealed - The 22 Dundee Schools Which Will Lose their Early Years Practitioners in Proposed Budget Cuts

Laurie Bidwell : The Proposed Loss of Early Years Practitioners from 22 Primary Schools in Dundee

January 2014

Laurie Bidwell : The SNP's Proposed Further Cuts in Dundee Primary Schools  

Laurie Bidwell : Report to Broughty Ferry Community Council

December 2013

Laurie Bidwell : Environment Committee Approves Play Area Improvements at Castle Green and Orchar Park

Laurie Bidwell  : Primary Class Size Failure - SNP can't be trusted on their education pledges


Laurie Bidwell : Report to the Broughty Ferry Community Council December 2013 Meeting

November 2013

Jim McGovern : Call for investigation after Amsterdam football disorder

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Cycling Report Card

Laurie Bidwell : Equal Pay Day 

October 2013

Laurie Bidwell : Were Junction Improvements on Broughty Ferry Road a Good Investment?

September 2013

Laurie Bidwell : Long Awaited Upgrading of Kerbs and Pavements in Gray Street Starting Monday - 100 yards better but miles to go!

Laurie Bidwell : International Literacy Day

Laurie Bidwell : Consultation with Parents and Carers on the Future of Early Learning and Childcare in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Maintaining Vibrant Communities and Houses in Multiple Occupation

Laurie Bidwell : Proposed Change to Pay of Short Term Supply Teachers is Not Comprehensive Enough

Laurie Bidwell : Record Low in House Building in Scotland Is Bad News

August 2013

Laurie Bidwell : Centenary of the Opening Of Eastern Primary School

Laurie Bidwell : Colleges of Further Education have been on the receiving end of particularly harsh and unrelenting cuts, year after year.

Laurie Bidwell : Video of Martin Luther King's “I Have A Dream” Speech - 50th. anniversary today

Laurie Bidwell : Baldovie and Riverside Recycling Centres Back to Normal on Monday

Laurie Bidwell : Unpopular Recycling Decision To Be Reversed

Laurie Bidwell :187 Unemployed in Broughty Ferry in Receipt of Job Seekers Allowance

Laurie Bidwell : Road Safety Improvements in Claypotts Road Outside Grove Academy

Laurie Bidwell :Call for Building Work at Barnhill Primary School to be Complete Before Pupils Return Next Week

July 2013

Laurie Bidwell  : Planned Merger of Dundee and Angus Colleges Can't Distract from SNP Cuts in Further Education

Laurie Bidwell : Four Dundee Parks Receive Prestigious Green Flag Awards 2013

Laurie Bidwell : United with Labour campaigning in The Ferry

Laurie Bidwell : National Performance Centre for Sport at Camperdown - Drop-In Public Event Wed 24 July Landmark Hotel 4-8pm

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee to Arbroath - One of Britain's Best Bike Rides on Our Doorstep

Laurie Bidwell : Revised House Letting Policy - Have Your Say During the Public Consultation


Phil Welsh : Food Shortages

Laurie Bidwell : The NHS at 65

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Community Council meeting

June 2013

Laurie Bidwell : Worrying Claims Higher Maths Exam Was Dumbed Down

Dundee UK City of Culture 2017 Bid

Laurie Bidwell

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry Beach’s Award for 10th Year in a Row

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee 2nd Economic Summit - Focusing on Youth Unemployment and Capitalising on the V and A @Dundee

May 2013

Laurie Bidwell, Lesley Brennan : Percentage of graduates in local workforce rises

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Library Service Wins 'Library of the Year Award'

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry  is a Vibrant and Skilled Community Which is Capably Supported by Community Learning; That's Official

Laurie Bidwell : Early Years Collaborative Workshop Was Thought-Provoking

April 2013

Laurie Bidwell : We are all in this together – not

March 2013

Laurie Bidwell : Final Meeting of Tayside Police After Thirty Eight Years Service

Laurie Bidwell : Launch of Teach Global Ambassadors

Laurie Bidwell : Consultation on the Proposals for the Merger of Dundee and Angus Further Education Colleges

Laurie Bidwell : Supporting Dundee Bid for UK City of Culture 2017

Laurie Bidwell and Lesley Brennan : Flatlining EMAs and Reductions in College Budgets Bad News for Our Young People

February 2013

Laurie Bidwell : Education Department Got Their Sums Wrong

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee School Leavers' Destinations

Laurie Bidwell : New Schools Consultation : Have Your Say

January 2013

Laurie Bidwell : Grove, Harris, Morgan, Menzieshill and St John's will have larger classes in English and Maths in S1-S2 from August

Laurie Bidwell : The SNP's broken promises on primary class sizes in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Call for Clarity About Which Secondary Schools Will Have Larger English and Maths Classes in S1/2 

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Education Cuts in Dundee Reveal Shocking Abandonment of Class Size Reductions in Primary and Secondary Schools

Laurie Bidwell : Welfare Rights and Wrongs  for Older People in Dundee

December 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Exam Results 22 December 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Call for action on sale of ex-Eastern Primary School

November 2012

Laurie Bidwell : 10.5 per cent Fall in University Applications from Scottish Applicants

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Councillors Halved the Representation of Parents in the Planning of New City Schools

Laurie Bidwell and Georgia Cruickshank : Superstorm Sandy and Coastal Flooding Risks in Dundee

October 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Speech opposing closure of Kemback Street Day Centre

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on £18 million Cuts in Council Budget Over the Next 2 Years  

Laurie  Bidwell : Fair Fares Please for Broughty Ferry Trains

Kevin Keenan and Laurie Bidwell : What Next for Sidlaw View Primary School and Jessie Porter Nursery School?

September 2012

Laurie Bidwell and Kevin Keenan : Welcome for Future Funding for Rebuilding Baldragon Academy

Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of Places at Dundee College

Laurie Bidwell : Integration of Adult Health and Community Care - Dundee City Council's Response to Scottish Government 

August 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Proposals for Additional Pupil and Parent Members of the Education Committee Blocked

Laurie Bidwell : Celebrating Dundee's exam success

Laurie Bidwell : SQA Exam Results Leak Shambles

July 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Concerns About Continuing Access to UK Research Council Grants for City's Universities

Laurie Bidwell : Graduate Unemployment Figures Very Disappointing

Laurie Bidwell : Concerns about the Planned Closure of Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre

June 2012

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Councillors on City Council Reject Appeal for Additional Funds for Welfare Rights Advice Services in the City

Laurie Bidwell and Kevin Keenan :  Cautious Welcome for new proposals for Schools and Community Facilities

May 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Adding a Pupil and Parental Voice to the Education Committee

April 2012

Laurie Bidwell :Alternative Vision for Education in the City That Includes Bringing Back the Visiting Primary PE and Music Teachers

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee - Orléans online link for French Presidential election

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Labour Offers Alternative Vision for Education in the City That Includes Bringing Back the Visiting Primary PE and Music Teachers

Dundee-Orleans online link for French Presidential election

Laurie Bidwell : 2,400 Dundee Families Set to Lose Their Tax Credits from 6th. April

Laurie Bidwell : Referendum : More Bad News for Salmond's Proposed Question from BBC Maths course for adults 5 April 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Referendum - More Bad News for Salmond's Proposed Question from BBC Maths course for adults


Laurie Bidwell : Bring Back Visiting PE Teachers to our Primary Schools March 2012

March 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Curriculum for Excellence : Convener and Director of Education Plough on Regardless

Laurie Bidwell - Curriculum for Excellence in Dundee Must Provide Best Options for Our Secondary School Pupils

Laurie Bidwell : Speech on Changes in Housing Benefit and Welfare Reform

February 2012

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Introduction of the New Secondary School Exams - Call for Clarity in Dundee

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Scottish Government and Dundee City Council Out of Step on Exercise

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Speeches in debates on Council Spending and Capital Plan

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Curriculum for Excellence in Dundee - Urgent Local and National Changes Required

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Should we Delay the Introduction of the New National Exams in Dundee Secondary Schools?

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Labour's Alternative Budget Proposals for Dundee

January 2012

Laurie Bidwell : I agree with Gordon

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Welcome for increased number of applicants for Dundee and Abertay degree courses

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Key Decisions taken at Education Committee

Laurie Bidwell : Well-Qualified Population a Positive Indicator for Dundee in Cities Outlook report

Laurie Bidwell : 32 Period Week Proposal to be Withdrawn but Parents Still Require Urgent Answers

Laurie Bidwell : The Next Round of Education Cuts in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Gray Street Underpass Improvements

December 2011

Laurie Bidwell :Unexplained Absences in our Schools Need Explanation and Action

Laurie Bidwell : Cuts in Dundee College Budget

Laurie Bidwell : Disappointing Review of School Estate in Dundee leaves Many Questions

Laurie Bidwell : Teacher Numbers Tumble again in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Concerns over method and starting date for refurbishment of Harris Academy

November 2011

Laurie Bidwell : 99 Fewer Teachers in Dundee - SNP Education Convener Challenged to Answer Questions

Laurie Bidwell : 99 Fewer Teachers in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Report on St. Paul's Academy

Laurie Bidwell : The Future of Universities and Colleges in Tayside: A Public Meeting

October 2011

Laurie Bidwell : Drop in Applications from Potential Students in Scotland

September 2011