Welcome for Future Funding for Rebuilding Baldragon Academy

26 September 2012   

Labour's Education Spokesperson in the City, Councillor Laurie Bidwell, said: 

"I welcome the announcement from the Scottish Goverment that the rebuilding of Baldragon Academy has been approved.  

"I know this will be welcomed by the Baldragon staff, pupils and  parents.

"The current Baldragon Academy buildings are over 50 years old and pupils in the North West of the city deserve a Secondary School that is fit for the 21st Century.

"The original proposal by the Council included the replacement of Sidlawview Primary School on the same campus and I hope that is part of what has been approved as well.

"This really is a school for the future announcement as the government's letter makes it clear that Baldragon will not be among those schools with an accelerated start over the next 18 months.

“That might have been possible as the rebuilding of the school will be on another part of the Baldragon site.

"Unlike Harris Academy there will be no need to decant pupils during the building of the replacement Baldragon Academy."

Ward Councillor Kevin Keenan said:

"As a local Councillor, I am very pleased that a new build Baldragon Academy received the approval of the Education Minister today as part of the Government's Schools for The Future prgramme.

"However, I am a little disappointed this Project is not within the first phase of funding, which would have seen a construction start within 12 to 18 months - delivering much needed jobs for Dundee's construction workers.

"It remains great news for the pupils, staff and parents along with the wider community as this new build will deliver a much improved learning environment and is therefore very welcome."



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