Well-Qualified Population a Positive Indicator for Dundee in Cities Outlook 2012 report

Laurie Bidwell

24 January 2012

Councillor Laurie Bidwell, Labour spokesperson for Education on Dundee City Council has responded to the assessment of the prospects of Dundee this year in the Agenda for Cities report.

He commented,

"While the Cities Outlook Report 2012, makes it clear that Dundee is suffering in the current economic recession, there are two positive statistics in the report which shouldn't be lost; the qualifications of the population and recent population growth."

"One prominent and favourable statistic for Dundee in the Agenda for Cities Report is that our city is amongst the top ten cities in the UK for educational qualifications."

"Over one-third of the adult population has a university degree, higher degree, diploma or its equivalent."

"This shows the very high skills base that Dundee possesses to attract potential businesses and to drive the city’s future economic growth."

"Another promising feature recorded in the report has been the turn-around in the city’s population."

"Over the past two years the city has achieved an encouraging increase in population of over 2,000."

"Our well qualified population and our increase in population are both positive indicators which should help the city make the best of the economic recovery when it comes."


Agenda for Cities 2012 report

Dundee is 10th. in the Top Ten of cities in the UK with the highest professional qualifications ( degree, advanced degree, diploma and above )

The 10 cities with highest percentage of professional qualifications

1 Oxford 53.7%

2 Cambridge 50.7%

3 Edinburgh 47.4 %

4 Brighton 44.1 %

5 Aberdeen 43.5 %

6 London 40.9 %

7 York 39.9 %

8 Cardiff 39.8 %

9 Reading 39.6 %

10 Dundee 36.5 %


Population figures

Population of Dundee in 2010 - 144,290

Population of Dundee 2008 - 142,270

Source - Registrar General for Scotland


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