Labour's Alternative Budget Proposals for Dundee

2 February 2012

Commenting on Labour's Alternative Budget Proposals for Dundee, Labour's Education Spokesperson in the City, Councillor Laurie Bidwell said:

"Yesterday afternoon the Labour Group met to develop our alternative proposals to the Council's
revenue and capital budgets.

"We are particularly unhappy about the SNP's proposed cuts to the visiting PE and Music teachers who help to enrich the curriculum in our primary schools.

"We think this is an especially short sighted saving.

"Right now we should trying to encourage our young people to be more actively involved in sports and leisure activities including music making.

"While this should start at home, it should also be happening in all our primary schools.

"We have also been examining the Capital Budget 2012/16 and identifying scope for investing more money on refurbishing our older schools.

"We have been interested to the case for investment in Blackness Primary School being raised in the Courier.

"We think there are other schools in the city that need to be upgraded as well as Blackness.

"It's important that we avoid having a two tier set of school buildings with unacceptable differences between all the new Primary and Secondary schools Labour commissioned and the existing schools that are not currently being considered for replacement.

"We will bring forward proposals next week that will improve this budget for the people of Dundee."


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