Kevin Keenan news articles

October 2014

Kevin Keenan :  Big slump in number of people in employment in Dundee in the past three years

September 2014

Kevin Keenan :Concern over accidents traffic at Harestane Road/Laird Street/Strathmartine Road Junction

Kevin Keenan :Call for Crossing Patrol Concerns to be addressed

April 2014

Kevin Keenan : Renewables Jobs for Dundee

March 2014

Jenny Marra, Jim McGovern, Kevin Keenan : SNP and Independence putting Dundee jobs at risk

February 2014

Kevin Keenan : Dundee City Council Budget statement

January 2014

Kevin Keenan : Dundee SNP Cuts are "Astonishing"

December 2013

Nelson Mandela

Kevin Keenan

Kevin Keenan  : Promoting economic development with Dundee in the lead role

Kevin Keenan : Vacant And Derelict Land Programme

November 2013

Kevin Keenan : Cosla’s Commission on Local Government

September 2013

Kevin Keenan : Referendum 2014

August 2013

Kevin Keenan : The number in permanent jobs in Dundee falls by 4,300 in two years

Kevin Keenan : We Must Invest More in Improving the Skills of Our Young Adults

July 2013

Kevin Keenan : Industrial Tribunals

Kevin Keenan : The Bedroom Tax

June 2013

Dundee UK City of Culture 2017 Bid

Kevin Keenan

Kevin Keenan : Police Scotland plan for Strathmartine ward  

May 2013

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee still with the highest Job Seekers Allowance rate of the 4 main Scottish cities

Lesley Brennan and Kevin Keenan Dundee Unemployment Level : SNP Trying to Discredit Figures published by their own Scottish Government

April 2013

Kevin Keenan : Rent Arrears

Kevin Keenan : The Work Programme in Dundee : a big failure

Kevin Keenan : Call for Full Investigation over Kemback closure controversy

Kevin Keenan : Call for Investigation into Kemback Closure Controversy

March 2013

Kevin Keenan : Dundee City Council and the Bedroom Tax : Statement on the SNP administration's policy on evictions  

Kevin Keenan : Dundee's Jobseekers's rate remains the highest of the 4 main Scottish Cities

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee has the highest rate for Underemployment in Scotland

February 2013

Kevin Keenan : Dundee Unemployment rises ; jobseekers allowance rate the highest of the Scottish cities

Kevin Keenan : Kemback Street - Another Fine Mess

Kevin Keenan : Council Budget - The Labour Group's alternative savings

January 2013

Kevin Keenan : Kemback Street Report Findings Must Be on the Council's Agenda for Discussion

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee's unemployment rate is now over 10 per cent

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : New Report on Dundee's Prospects for Economic Growth

Kevin Keenan :  Dundee Council Tax 

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Unemployment in Dundee construction sector

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee's unemployment rate stands at 10 per cent

December 2012

Kevin Keenan : Statement on Olympia pool delay

Kevin Keenan : A Tale of Two Cities - Dundee October 1966 and Dundee 2012

November 2012

Dundee Labour back Dundee’s bid for UK City of Culture status

Kevin Keenan : Lower wages are bad for the Dundee economy

October 2012