Jenny Marra's Parliamentary motion on Gender Equality

22 February 2012

Jenny Marra has tabled the following motion today in the Scottish Parliament :

St Andrews Moves toward Gender Equality

That the Parliament congratulates the students of the University of St Andrews on working toward abolishing systemic gender discrimination in the student community by opening an alternative to the ancient and all-male Kate Kennedy Club that is open to women; notes that campaigns for this move among male and female students have been going on for years to reach this day; recognises club members Sunny Moodie and Pat Mathewson on what it considers their personal courage and commitment to gender equality; notes the leadership and tenacity of university's Principal, Louise Richardson, in this development; considers that no one group in society should claim the preserve of traditions that should be shared; hopes that the men involved in the all-male club will not now go underground but will embrace the new opportunities that equality offers, and hopes that other all-male clubs in Scotland will follow their example and make gender equality a reality in Scottish clubs and societies.


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