MSP Concern at Supply Teachers Pay Cut as Places Go Unfilled

21 February 2012

Jenny Marra MSP has today expressed concern with the Scottish Government’s decision to cut the pay of supply teachers at a time where Dundee City Council is struggling to fill supply teacher requests.

The controversial new pay deal will see the rate of pay given to supply teachers cut from £145 to £78 for the first 5 consecutive days of teaching before it rises to the regular rate of £145 again.

A Scottish Labour survey has shown than this pay cut comes at a time where 32% of short term (day to day) supply teacher requests are going unfilled in Dundee.

Ms Marra has expressed concern that this pay deal will see an increase of places going unfilled.

 She said,

"Supply teachers are critical for our schools, stepping in to give continuity of education when it is needed.

"There is a real risk that this pay cut will mean there is a shortage of supply teachers and classrooms of children could be left for periods without a teacher.

"The Government should be doing more to incentivise supply teachers to come forward to keep our classrooms functioning on a day to day basis."


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