Jenny Marra Supports Dundee Students at Education Rally

6 December 2011

Jenny Marra MSP showed her support for Dundee students at a rally held before the public meeting on post-16 education in Tayside attended by Cabinet Secretary for Education Mike Russell.

The students gathered to present their response to the post-16 consultation paper that proposes increased ministerial powers over the governance of further education institutions. Earlier this year the paper sparked controversy in its proposal to give ministers the power to merge institutions.

Speaking before the rally Ms Marra said:

"I am delighted to be here to support the students in presenting their response to the post-16 legislative paper. Both Abertay and Dundee university student associations have been clear in their opposition to any merger proposals, as well as the Government’s cuts to Colleges. It is important their voice is heard throughout this consultation as it is their future at stake."

William Mohieddeen, president of Abertay Students Union added:

"The University of Abertay Students' Association thanks all supporters of the Hands Off Abertay campaign and those that are backing the Tayside students' response in 'All Taygether Now'.

"Particularly we would like to thank Jenny Marra MSP for addressing the students attending the rally at Dundee Union.

"The campaigning has been fully about projecting the student voice to the highest level in Government and we recognise those such as Ms Marra who are keen to interact with students and acknowledge the position they have in partnership in their education.

"This has been a significant piece of student activism and we hope to see significant interaction from the education secretary before imposing any further changes to the higher education sector."


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