Jenny Marra news articles

February 2015

The Facts About the SNP's A&E Crisis

January 2015

Jenny Marra MSP : Educational Psychologists Numbers at Dangerously Low Levels in Scotland

Jenny Marra : Celebrating Mary Slessor on International Women's Day 2015 – Scottish Parliament motion proposed by Jenny



Jenny Marra : A £100 million Frontline Fund must be in the Scottish Budget tomorrow



Jenny Marra : NHS 2020 Vision

Jenny Marra : Budget debate : The NHS

Jenny Marra : Patients Will Welcome Changes But NHS Crisis Persists 

Jenny Marra : V&A Dundee

Jenny Marra : Scotland's Future - speech on the NHS

December 2014

Jenny Marra : NHS in Scotland under extreme pressure

Jenny Marra : Mental Health (speech in the Scottish Parliament )

Jenny Marra : New Psychoactive Substances Needs Assessment for Tayside, 2014

Jenny Marra : Cancer waiting times are totally unacceptable for too many people

Cancer waiting times are totally unacceptable for too many people

November 2014

Jenny Marra : Programme for Government 2014-15

Download PDF at :

Jenny Marra : Progressive Workplace Policies

Jenny Marra : Scottish Labour Comment on ONS Labour Market Statistics


Jenny Marra : The Living Wage

Progressive Workplace Policies

Jenny Marra : The Living Wage

October 2014

Jenny Marra : Supported Business

Scottish Labour’s reaction to budget statement


Jenny  Marra : Keep Dundee’s 36 Bus

Universal Postal Service (Competition) : Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

September 2014

Jenny Marra : Action needed now on human trafficking

Jenny Marra MSP : Accessible Tourism - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

July 2014

Jenny Marra MSP : Women paying the price for SNP job cuts

June 2014

Jenny Marra : Building a Better Scotland

Jenny Marra : Responding to the Findings of the Wood Commission

May 2014

Dundee May Day photographs >>> and at >>>


April 2014

Jenny Marra and Johann Lamont MSP supporting the Women's Votes campaign by the STUC Women's Committee at STUC Congress in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Developing Skills for Scotland's Digital Economy

Jenny Marra MSP : No Title to Property - motion tabled by Jenny in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra : Time to End the Cruellest Punishment

March 2014

Jenny Marra MSP : European Youth Guarantee


Jenny Marra, Jim McGovern, Kevin Keenan : SNP and Independence putting Dundee jobs at risk

February 2014

Jenny Marra : Scotland’s Children - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Jenny Marra : Early Years Practitioners in Dundee - Motion submitted by Jenny in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra : Petition  - Ask Scotland's Justice Secretary to Support the Proposed Human Trafficking Bill in Scotland

Jenny Marra MSP : SNP must come clean on the Cost of Losing the Pound


Jenny Marra MSP  : Early Years Practitioners - It’s wrong to offset cuts in this way


Jenny Marra MSP : Scottish Budget - Speech in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra : Female Genital Mutilation - Speech in the Scottish Parliament

January 2014

Jenny Marra : Primary Pupils Losing Out

Jenny Marra : Scottish Budget - Scottish Parliament speech

Jenny Marra : Human Trafficking Bill

Jenny Marra : Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill

Jenny Marra MSP : SNP saves Stirling but fails Dundee


Jenny Marra MSP : Dog Control Legislation - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate


Jenny Marra : Scotland’s Economy - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

December 2013

Jenny Marra : Human Rights - speech in the Scottish Parliament

November 2013

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee City of Culture

(Download a copy of Jenny’s speech)

Jenny Marra MSP : Regulatory Reform (Scotland ) Bill Stage 1

Jenny Marra MSP :  Amendment to the Scottish Parliament motion " Hidden in Plain Sight" 

October 2013

Jenny Marra MSP : Landfill Tax : Scottish Parliament speech in debate on the Bill

September 2013

Jenny Marra speech : Compulsory Microchipping of dogs

Jenny Marra : Consultation on  proposal for new anti-human trafficking legislation

Jenny Marra calls for review of dangerous dog laws

Jenny Marra : Enterprise Networks

Jenny Marra MSP : Kemback Closure is a "disgrace"

Jenny Marra MSP : Councillors urged to reject independent report on Kemback Street or face Judicial Review

Jenny Marra MSP : Prince’s Trust Young People quiz new Shadow Minister

July 2013

Jenny Marra MSP : Hutting in Scotland - Motion in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra MSP :  Unemployment Figures Show Mixed Economic Picture

Jenny Marra MSP : SNP had the power to save Remploy

June 2013

Jenny Marra : Speeches in Scottish Parliament debate on Victims and Witnesses Bill

Jenny Marra MSP : Court Closures - speech in the Scottish Parliament

May 2013

Jenny Marra : The Tay Tax - Speech in the Scottish Parliament

Download Jenny’s speech (PDF)

Jenny Marra demands answers over police DNA revelations

Jenny Marra MSP  : Community Justice System - Speech in the Scottish Parliament  

April 2013

Jenny Marra : One Billion Rising campaign (speech in the Scottish Parliament )

Jenny Marra : Dundee on final shortlist for Football Academy

Jenny Marra MSP : Court Closures Will Be a Substantial Blow to Towns Affected 

Jenny Marra : Legal Fight to save Kemback Street Moves Closer to Victory

Jenny Marra MSP : I'm delighted that Alex Salmond has listened to Labour's campaign on the Tay Tax and has reduced the Dundee fares.

March 2013

Jenny Marra MSP  : Council running scared over Kemback

Jenny Marra : Academy would do wonders for city’s pride

Jenny Marra : Iraq - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Jenny Marra : Police Centralisation (speech in the Scottish Parliament)

Jenny Marra : NHS Waiting Times (Speech in the Scottish Parliament )

Jenny Marra - Motion - Equality and Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland

Jenny Marra publishes buried Ninewells report

February 2013

Jenny Marra : SNP Presiding over Cover-Up Culture at Ninewells Hospital

Jenny Marra MSP : Kemback Street families to get their day in court

Jenny Marra : Arab Trust backing for National Football Academy bid

Jenny Marra : Speech on Human Rights

January 2013

Jenny Marra : Transport Minister is challenged to experience the "Tay Tax"

Jenny Marra is backing student campaign to reverse college cuts

Jenny Marra : Scottish Parliament Motion : Mental Health Services for Deaf Children and Young People

Jenny Marra  : Support for CWU campaign "Close The Loophole"

Jenny Marra : The Tay Tax is a disgrace

December 2012

Jenny Marra : Commonwealth Games 2014 -Scottish Parliament speech

Jenny Marra challenges Dundee SNP over shovel-ready projects

Jenny Marra : Policing

October 2012

Jenny Marra speech : Scottish Civil Justice Council and Criminal Legal Assistance Bill Stage 1

Jenny Marra speech : Role of the media in criminal trials

Jenny Marra MSP launches Switches Together campaign


September 2012

Jenny Marra : Community Sport Inquiry

Jenny Marra : “Medieval” shake up of Scottish Legal Aid System

Jenny Marra : It's time to ask the Sports Minister to bring the National Football Academy to Dundee

Jenny Marra Calls for Scrapping of Scottish Government Report that Suggests Scottish Computer Games Industry Does Not Exist

Jenny Marra supports Kemback Day Centre Day of Action

August 2012

Jenny Marra MSP : Why the National Football Should Come to Dundee

Jenny Marra : New National Fire and Rescue Service HQ should be located in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Call calls for new target to tackle record high Drug Deaths in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Salmond shows true values in Dealing with Oil Firms

Jenny Marra : New Fire and Rescue Chief has Challenges Ahead

Jenny Marra : Questions remain for Alex Salmond over Dalai Lama visit

Jenny Marra : Speech, Hiroshima Commemoration

July 2012

Jenny Marra : Commuters are victims of  unfair ‘Tay Tax’

Jenny Marra Calls for Dundee Tennis Court Upgrades

Jenny Marra MSP : Report calls for Bereaved Families to be granted Greater Access to Road Accident Information

Jenny Marra   : 200 Life Sciences Jobs is " fantastic news for University and Dundee"

Jenny Marra MSP : Lord Advocate Has Questions to Answer Over Crown Office Investigation into Banking

Jenny Marra comments on Family Savings Report on Young Adults who need money from "Cashpoint Parents"

June 2012

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee Energy Summit hailed as a success

Jenny Marra : Dalai Lama snub "very sad"

Jenny Marra : Speech on Families

Jenny Marra : Speech on Criminal Cases (Punishment and Review) (Scotland) Bill

Jenny Marra : Women's Representation on Public Sector Boards

May 2012

Jenny Marra demands clarity over tuition fees for Northern Irish students coming to Dundee

Jenny Marra - Deaf Awareness Week

Jenny Marra - Hate Crime Figures Begin to Shine a Light on True Scale of Problem

April 2012

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee University Tops Student Satisfaction Survey

Jenny Marrra MSP : Bus Services - Parliamentary speech

Jenny Marra :  Criminal Cases (Punishment and Review) (Scotland) Bill

Jenny Marra -  Parliamentary Motion on Deaf Awareness Week

March 2012

Jenny Marra - Concern over threat to Solar Cities Project

Jenny Marra Speech on Remploy

Jenny Marra joins with local artists to fight "Arts Tax"

Jenny Marra Parliamentary Motion   -  Hands off Abertay Wins Campaign of the Year

Jenny Marra Concern at Funding Cut to Women’s Aid

Jenny Marra -  Uniforms for New Police Force should be made by Supported Workplaces 

Jenny Marra MSP : Aberdeen's City Gardens Project

Jenny Marra introduces Ed Miliband to the Scottish Labour Party conference in Dundee

February 2012

Jenny Marra MSP : Labour calls for Human Trafficking to be made Statutory Aggravation

Jenny Marra MSP : Human Trafficking - speech in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra's Parliamentary motion on Anti-Slavery Day Act for Scotland 

Jenny Marra's Parliamentary motion on Gender Equality

Jenny Marra MSP : Concern at Supply Teachers Pay Cut as Places Go Unfilled

Jenny Marra urges MacAskill to Drop "Regressive " Prison Plans

January 2012

Jenny Marra : Going Dutch for lower fuel bills

Jenny Marra MSP : Royal Bank of Scotland bonuses

Jenny Marra MSP : Cutting Police Support Staff is a "False Economy"

Jenny Marra MSP : National Football Academy : Only fair some investment comes east

Jenny Marra MSP : It is of Regret First Law Passed by Parliament Was Railroaded Through By SNP

Jenny Marra MSP stands up for Dundee in City Strategy debate

New energy idea for Scotland put forward by Jenny Marra MSP

Jenny Marra welcomes Abertay University Computer Games Competition

Jenny Marra says single police force and fire service offers ‘huge potential’

Jenny Marra MSP lodges motion supporting Evening Telegraph campaign on Dundee literacy levels

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee and Low Pay

Jenny Marra MSP : Educational Attainment of Looked-After Children

Jenny Marra signs The Pledge for Prostate Cancer

December 2011

Jenny Marra MSP : Appointment as Shadow Minister

Jenny Marra MSP welcomes SFA Football Academy at St John’s

Jenny Marra MSP launches Christmas Appeal for Dundee Women’s Aid

Jenny Marra urges First Minster to support Amnesty International on case of Chen Guangcheng

Jenny Marra MSP : Support for Dundee Students at Education Rally

November 2011

Jenny Marra MSP shows support for Dundee pensioner’s fuel poverty campaign

Jenny Marra MSP welcomes news on Nablus fire truck release

Jenny Marra Calls for Salmond to Meet with Human Rights Groups While in Quatar

October 2011

Jenny Marra speech on Raising Attainment and Ambition in Young People

Jenny Marra welcomes SNP support for her Games Industry motion

Jenny Marra speech on Fuel Poverty

Jenny Marra urges SNP to back New Fund to boost Scottish Computer Games Industry

September 2011

Jenny Marra MSP : University Debate Shows Clear Support for the union